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Generations in the making...


Where it all began...

Gus Bales moved to Alburtis from Virginia after a stint in the Navy and married the love of his life Anna Leh. His first enterprise was the purchase of 250 acres of property and a lumber mill. With the money earned from timber and selling off the land, Gus started an excavating company which grew over time and became the only company in the area with enough machinery and employees to take on larger jobs.

In 1985, his son, Carl "Senior" branched out on his own with only a Ford 2wd backhoe. Carl's wife Rita raised their family of six, managed all office work, and continued to work her full time position Caloric factory. Carl worked long 14-hour days every week bidding jobs, working the backhoe, and earning the respect of the local community.

While other companies sought the bigger projects, Carl concentrated on the smaller ones, earning a reputation for his skill, reliability and honesty. With the help of his son Carl "Junior" the company began to expand; taking the company from a single backhoe to a multimillion dollar company. It is no surprise that Carl Bales Excavating is where they are today. Junior's two sons both currently work for the business as well as Senior's eldest grandson. Carl & Rita's daughter operates and maintains the office alongside her mother. Family is key - whether by blood or by heart. Though the company has grown beyond the days when all work was done with a single backhoe, Carl Bales Excavating remains true to its beginnings. It's still a family business rooted in the community and a job digging a water line for a neighbor down the street is just as important as the truck depot for National Freight Industries.


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